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Social Media

& internship

 Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests, I cooperate with social media group to use inspiration sleeping tips and ideas to increase amount of user. We use organic and fun way to attract more people enjoy and follow our social media.The Ins link is 

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Create Mosaic for Sleep Challenge

A mosaic shaped picture gives a beautiful variety to the overall look of any Instagram feed. Overall, the mosaic presents the Emma mattress. Interestingly, for this mosaic we decided to design little details for each mosaic picture, so each picture itself is interesting and meaningful for the viewers and contributes to the sleep challenge. The number of the illustration stands for day, 1st day: try not to be on your phone an hour before going to bed. 2nd day: write a journal and write down what you're grateful for. 3rd day: try stretching after you wake up to get your energy back. 4th day: Keeping the face more clean before go to bed. 5th day: drink lots of water during the day. 6th day: wake up earlier to get more done during the day.

1st day: try not to be on your phone an hour before going to bed.

Enjoy the "JOGA" time on Mattress



The illustration part is part of living memory from the true lives.

Using illustration to record every moment happend around me.

Fashion Illustration

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