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Wind Print




Product Design


Team work

Imam M Ridwan(Idonisha) ; Daniel Pinzón Cardona(Colombia)



Group work in Bauhaus Dessau-Imam M Ridwan, Daniel Pinzon Cardona.

Being full use of natural energy to creating arts is the main concept of this project.The machine is a good tool to show the nature, nature is an inspiration to the designer. It captures the character of the wind in particular space and a certain time. Each parts elements are unique.



Research the colour installation, design the machine colour container 

What I Learned:
 This project is the new and challenge for me as a visual designer. I focus on the colour collection, three colour mix together through wind. 



Timeline: 7.2016
Category: Product Design 


Group work with
Wenwen Pan(China)
Mazin Ali(India)
Hector Daniel Vargas(Costrica)
Andrés Quintero (Columbia)

Brain Storming, 3D printing, Video Edit

Wind Fence is a driven fence system with a modular structure that works with the wind.There is magnet between each dot. While magnet rejects each other with the same pole, it makes sense each dot can work independently. The nature wind fence not only can save the energy to offer the street light but also can construct the random illustration, because the dot has two sides, each side has a different color. It can form random illustration with the wind when the dot turning.

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